Azureus tadpoles and eggs

My Azureus pair lay eggs about every two weeks. I leave them in with the parents as long as I can before they hatch. They actually do much better this way. BUT this time, they didn’t even wait for the prior batch to hatch before laying more eggs.


Leucs hide their eggs

Here’s another small batch of eggs/tadpoles I found tonight while feeding. It seems to be only 2-3 here (After they hatched there was FOUR!), But they where laid in the crease of a big leaf. So far all of my Leucomelas egg have been hiding under something.



Fecal test for frogs.

Question: I was thinking of getting my frogs fecal test next week. Is this something you routinely do and would you advise for or against?

My Thoughts: I have only done a fecal test one of my frogs, because it didn’t look good and was too skinny. I found a local vet that could do it for about $20-25. (I started feeding him more and he was just fine) So, if you can find a Vet that can do it, and have the cash, then do it. Of course keeping new frogs isolated/quarantine is important.

There is also a place call: that you also run test on your frog like: Chytrid Fungus (B. dendrobatidis)